As a Member what are my obligations?
Your only requirement as part of the OSI community is to purchase from the Prime Vendor for your infusible medications. This vendor is committed to providing OSI members with the best possible discount on their buy and bill infusion medications. Additionally, OSI members will be asked to utilize the Data Prime Vendor for  benefit inquiries.

Why do I have to switch wholesalers?
Group purchasing organizations strength comes from the ability to leverage its size and volume of purchases, i.e. purchase power. By purchasing from a preferred wholesaler, OSI can negotiate the best discounts and rebates and manage the prime vendor relationship for the members.

What is the cost of membership?
To join OSI, there is a one time member fee of $100.00 to access the OSI Purchasing Program.

How do I become a member?
You may contact us at info@onesourceimmunology.com. Once your information is received, an account manager will contact you to answer any questions and arrange a time to go through the membership agreement. Upon completion of the agreement, our staff will assist you with the transition to our Preferred Wholesaler.

Will OSI pursue vendors in my geographic area?
Yes, we are committed to building a network of vendors throughout the country. If you have particular vendors that you are interested in having OSI promote, contact info@onesourceimmunology.com or contact our support staff.

What is the typical term for a Prime Vendor contract?
Prime Vendor contracts typically range from 2 to 3 years. OSI will review the agreement at that time and determine if the terms continue to benefit the membership.

What products and services are available to me as a member?
OSI will negotiate with secondary vendors for other supplies and services.  Those  Endorsed Vendor agreements will be available to members to enhance savings for the practice.  OSI will offer services to its membership to assist in the supply chain analysis and infusion suite profitability.  As the membership grows, OSI will be able to offer more services.

What is a Data Prime Vendor(DPV)?
The Data Prime Vendor is a unique offering of OSI. The DPV will assist in streamlining benefit investigations(BI) for infusions and aid in the prior authorization(PA) process. The DPV will also provide a system to monitor the BI and PA processes.